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with 80% of Log4j downloads still vulnerable, CISA & FBI warn unpatched organizations should assume a compromised network. Identify Log4j vulnerabilities in your apps with our Log4j Vulnerability Scanner.

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Exploits will appear below. When they do use the information provided to take action immediately.


A Java-specific issue

Why Log4j is difficult to remediate

Log4j exploits rely on interactions between the Java Class Libraries, the ClassLoader, and the JVM. Without existing in the runtime, security platforms have issues detecting & preventing these exploits as they move throughout these complex systems.

“The Log4j vulnerability is the most serious vulnerability that I've seen in my decades-long career. This is not something that will be patched and finished. This is something that we are likely going to be working on for months, if not years, given the ubiquity of the software and ease of exploitation.”

Jen Easterly
Jen Easterly
Director at CISA

Like all Java applications, Log4j is compiled into bytecode before it's executed. That said, signature-based security solutions can still theoretically detect and prevent Log4j vulnerabilities at the bytecode level.

The nuance is in the fact that the code executed by Log4j is often generated dynamically at runtime based on input received or files being processed. This means that code executed by Log4j is not static, and can vary depending on the specific input or files being processed.

As a result, signature-based security solutions that rely on a database of known signatures or patterns of malicious code may not be able to effectively detect and prevent all possible variations of the vulnerability. This is because the code executed by Log4j is often unique and not included in the security solutions’ database of known signatures.

2,500 apps with Log4j vulnerabilities fully remediated in under 4 hours

When a long-term Waratek customer expressed Log4j vulnerability concerns, estimates to resolve the issues were in the hundreds of hours. Fast-forward 4 hours, and 2,500 of their applications were fully remediated of Log4j vulnerabilities without code changes or application redeployments.

This is possible due to Waratek's Java Security Platform which is purpose-built for Java to protect applications and APIs against generic and JVM-specific attacks. This unique domain-specific approach to Application Security provides turnkey Log4j remediation that combines the expertise of an accomplished Java software engineer and the knowledge of a seasoned security engineer


Code changes or reboots

Protection is applied in the runtime, fixing bytecode as it's executed.

2,500 apps

From a single organization fully remediated of all Log4j issues

Waratek's Java Security Platform is the only enterprise-ready security solution that deploys at scale in minutes with no tuning for out-of-the-box impact.

4 hours


Waratek's Java Security Platform rules are extremely precise, enabling organizations the flexibility to protect their unique business logic.

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